Module 3 DJ Total Skills


The course starts out with taking your DJ skills to the next level. You will learn everything a DJ needs to know to play a coherent set. But you will also go beyond, and learn about advanced techniques to make you stand out from the crowd. During the course you will have access to our DJ-Xperience, where all the latest DJ gear is waiting to be used. Perfect for working on your DJ skills or recording sets.


The Pioneer dj school is the largest dj school in Europe and all of our dj courses are supported by Pioneer DJ.
We are located in the heart of the Dutch music industry in the city Amersfoort.

Pro DJ School is the first company in The Netherlands which makes it possible to teach and help people who want to learn all about electronic dance music, edm. We are the only one who has a unique partnership with Pioneer DJ who have approved our level and course programmes and in the lessons you will work with the newest Pioneer DJ equipment.


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