Pioneer DJ

  • House, techno, edm or whatever style of music you prefer, Pro DJ School, in cooperation with Dutch electronic music school Pyntago, offers you a unique chance to launch your dj producer career. In three months, you will follow an intense program, comprising the whole DJ and production curriculum of both schools, with additional masterclasses, workshops and private lessons. Groups are strictly limited to 8 students, allowing for a personal approach, tailored to each student. As a result that you can follow the lessons more effectively. You’ll start out learning all the basic skills you need as a house,techno or edm dj producer because you have to start at the beginning. Once you master those skills, you will work towards becoming an engaging performer and producing tracks worthy of release.
  • Module 1 Basic Skills • Introduction to the latest Pioneer DJ equipment • Counting beats and bars • Beat-Matching basics • Understanding the structure of dance music • Cueing techniques, setting a cue point • Using basic EQ controls • Loops & Hot Cues • Beat matching different tracks • Creating Hot Cue’s and memory points • Working with Pioneer DJ Rekordbox
  • Module 2 Advanced and Pro Skills • Mixing different genres using effects • Using the mixer’s ‘effects • Using loops to create build up effects • Using Acapellas to create live remixes • The basics of Ableton Live • Creating Mashups with Ableton Live • Live edits • Plan and perform a DJ set • Get expert advice/tips from a pro DJ • Record your own demo mix • Basic recording and editing techniques • Working with Rekordbox Advanced • Harmonic Mixing • Understanding music formats
  • DJ TOTAL SKILLS The course starts out with taking your DJ skills to the next level. You will learn everything a DJ needs to know to play a coherent set. But you will also go beyond, and learn about advanced techniques to make you stand out from the crowd. During the course you will have access to our DJ-Xperience, where all the latest DJ gear is waiting to be used. Perfect for working on your DJ skills or recording sets.
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