The Pioneer dj school is the largest dj school in Europe and all of our dj courses are supported by Pioneer DJ.
We are located in the heart of the Dutch music industry in the capital city Amsterdam, which is leading and trendsetting in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), you can feel the atmosphere and experience the vibe of international class.

Pro DJ School is the first company in The Netherlands which makes it possible to teach and help people who want to learn all about electronic dance music, edm. We are the only one who has a unique partnership with Pioneer DJ who have approved our level and course programmes and in the lessons you will work with the newest Pioneer DJ equipment.


This dj course in our dj school contains three modules called the Basic, Advanced and Pro skills and this is the perfect dj course for anyone who is serious about DJing. We try our best to give our students opportunities to play a set at one of our supported locations in Amsterdam.
During this dj course you will learn everything that you need to know about DJing. You will learn basic and advanced mixing techniques, how to make mash-ups and how to use 3 or more CD players at a time. You will also acquire more detailed knowledge about which music to use and where to find it and logical progression of your set.


Furthermore we will show you how to use social media properly, how to build your own online identity and we will support you in building your own network. Our goal of this dj course is to gain you a lot of experience through practice so in addition to a healthy dose of theory, you will get a lot of practice! The DJ Total Skills dj course will be taught by different experienced instructors who are certified by Pioneer DJ. During the dj course you will only work with the latest equipment of Pioneer DJ , like the CDJ2000NXS2 and DJM900NXS2 because they are the industry standard.
In conclusion, this is the most comprehensive dj course you will find in Europe!

Components of the course

• Introduction to Pioneer CDJ’s
• Learn how to connect equipment
• Fade Mixing
• Cueing techniques, setting a cue point
• Counting beats and bars
• Beat-Matching basics
• How to detect BPM/Tempo
• Understanding the structure of dance music
• Beat matching different tracks
• Using basic EQ controls
• Cross-fader technique
• Loops & Hot Cues
• Creating Hot Cue’s
• Using loops to create build up effects
• Using the mixer’s ‘effects
• Working with Pioneer DJ Rekordbox
• Transitions between different genres using effects
• Acapella Mixing/Digital Tricks
• Using Acapellas to create live remixes
• The basics of Ableton Live
• Creating Mashups
• Live edits
• Create your own samples for use in mixes
• Plan and perform a DJ set
• Get expert advice/tips from a pro DJ
• Upload your mix online on mixcloud
• Promotion
• Structuring a mix
• Checking levels for effective recording
• Record your own demo mix
• Basic recording and editing techniques
• Working with Rekordbox
• Making a KUVO profile
• Harmonic Mixing/Digital DJ Skills
• Understanding music formats
• Analyse and detect the key of a track
  • Price: € 1850,-

  • Price including housing for 14 days: € 2815,-

  • Price no housing: € 1850,-

  • Course days: Monday till Friday

  • Course time: 11:00 am till 4:00 pm

  • Duration course: 2 weeks
  • The last moment to subscribe is one month before the course starts.

  • Personal guidance
  • Entrance Requirements: No
  • Required: your own laptop and USB sticks

  • The dj course is given on every day of the week except the weekend

Startdates 2020
  • Monday February 3 2020 / Last day at Friday 14 2020
  • Monday March 30 2020 / Last day at Friday April 10 2020
  • Monday June 1 2020 / Last day at Friday 12 2020
  • Monday August 3 2020 / Last day at Friday 29 2020 (Summerschool!)
  • Monday October 5 2020 / Last day at Friday 16 2020
  • Monday November 30 2020 / Last day at Friday 11 2020

Without housing, you have to arrange your own stay in Amsterdam!

1850Duration course: 2 weeks
  • Course days: Monday till Friday
  • The last moment to subscribe is one month before the course starts!
  • Required: your own laptop and USB sticks
  • Entrance Requirements: No

With housing, we book you a room in the Amsterdam Student Hotel

2815Duration course: 2 weeks
  • Course days: Monday till Friday
  • The last moment to subscribe is one month before the course starts!
  • Required: your own laptop and USB sticks
  • Entrance Requirements: No


You probably need a visa to come and study in the netherlands. They usually ask for a registration for the course you want to follow. You can do a pre-registration so that you have proof that you intend to study in the Netherlands. This pre-registration indicates that you have been accepted in the study program  (but not yet enrolled). You are enrolled as soon as the complete study amount has been paid.

*Please note, we do not offer letters of invitation.

Below you can do a pre-registration for one of our courses
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if you don’t know how to apply for a visa? Then use the website below!
Applying for a short-stay Schengen visa


The Student Hotel is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art facilities and colorful experiences that they think will change the way we live, work and travel, and redefine our understanding of what makes a ‘student’.

They aim to create the best space where students can find their purpose and change the world. Not just with the well-designed and thought-out rooms, or the many great shared communal facilities. When they think “best space,” they think of a stimulating environment and an exciting global community.

What they discovered along the way is that this kind of atmosphere really inspires everyone who comes across it. The student hotel is a place where everyone with a student spirit – curious, open, free, adventurous – can thrive.

The student hotel, partner of the Pro DJ School. dj total skills


There are no special requirements to be able to participate in this dj course.

Students from outside the EU wishing to study the DJ Total Skills course will need to apply for a Short Term Study Visa.

Please visit our student information page and our page “how to obtain an visa

Yes we can provide you with a stay in the Amsterdam Student Hotel, you have to enrol for the course included housing

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